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IberPhys offers you a wide library of virtual reality experiences for the treatment of phobias, trauma rehabilitation, relaxation, Mindfulness and much more...

Multisensory Room in Virtual Reality

Multisensory Room VR

Multisensory rooms in virtual reality applied to sensory stimulation to help train the mind and also the psychomotor skills of patients. Stimulates all the patient's senses through high-quality immersive environments. We transport the patient to a much more real environment, making him live a more intense experience, thus increasing the patient's motivation.

Treatment of Phobias in Virtual Reality

Treatment of Phobias in Virtual Reality

IberPhys offers you a wide variety of experiences in virtual reality for anxiety disorders, fears and phobias, such as fear of flying (Aerophobia), fear of closed spaces (Claustrophobia), fear of animals (Zoophobia), fear of heights (Acrophobia)... among many others.

Virtual Reality Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality rehabilitation exercises for the recovery of traumatic injuries in hands, arms and legs. The patient will be able to perform their recovery exercises in a guided, controlled and calm environment that stimulates and motivates the patient in their recovery.

Meditation and Relaxation Sessions

Meditation and Relaxation Sessions

Enjoy a wide catalog of virtual reality environments that will allow you to transfer the patient to a place of tranquility and harmony. The patient will be able to feel the calm being by the sea, on a mountain next to a lake, in a wonderful meadow... while practicing various relaxation and meditation exercises.

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