Frequently Questions

What is IberPhys?

IberPhys is a platform specialized in virtual reality therapies for medical and health professionals.

For whom is the IberPhys Service focused?

IberPhys is an ideal solution for Private Clinics, Health Centers, Residences, College of Special Care and Health Systems in general that are looking for an innovative solution for the treatment of highly complex physical and mental therapeutic disorders.

What treatments or therapies does IberPhys offer?

The IberPhys platform offers various virtual reality experiences designed by medical specialists for different therapeutic areas. Among our experiences you can find relaxation and meditation environments, treatment of phobias, multisensory rooms or trauma rehabilitation exercises.

How does IberPhys work?

You only have to purchase one of our licenses to start enjoying the benefits that our platform offers you. With the license you will gain access to the IberPhys platform where you can manage the evolution of each patient. From the panel you can also download PC software with ready-to-go VR experiences with ease.

You can find more information about IberPhys licenses on the following page: Licenses and Plans

What does Virtual Reality offer?

Through virtual reality experiences, you can move the patient to highly complex scenarios that would have a high cost to recreate, and on some occasions it would be impossible. Thanks to virtual reality, we can take the patient anywhere and simulate any situation, however complex it may be.

Virtual reality offers highly personalized sessions, increasing confidentiality and reducing logistics costs, helping your patients to focus and relax to get the most out of therapy.

Can I have multiple patients?

Yes, the IberPhys software allows you to create and manage several patients quickly and easily.

Can I use multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the IberPhys Software on different devices at the same time with the Advanced and Premium Licenses, these licenses have no device limitations. However, the Standard License is limited and there can only be one active therapy in one device, regardless of the number of devices it has.

You can find more information about IberPhys licenses on the following page: Licenses and Plans

Can I manage patients remotely?

Yes, the IberPhys patient management system allows you to manage patients, workstations and virtual reality experiences from anywhere using the Cloud Platform or the Smartphone App.

The patient management system is only included for Advanced or Premium licenses and subscriptions.

Does it have permanence?

No, IberPhys offers its services with no obligation to stay.

Can I cancel the service whenever I want?

Yes, you can activate or deactivate your IberPhys subscription whenever you want without any penalty.

What virtual reality headsets are compatible?

IberPhys experiences are compatible with all PCVR and 6DOF devices. Below is a short list of recommended devices.

  • Oculus Rift y Rift S
  • Meta Quest, Quest 2 y Quest Pro
  • HTC Vive Pro 2
  • HTC Vive Focus 3
  • Pico NEO 3 y Pico Neo 4
  • Valve Index
  • Windows Mixed Reality

Note: Trauma rehabilitation and physical therapy experiences require the VR headset to have the option of hand tracking.

What Hardware do I need?

Depending on your VR headset, the PC will need to meet the VR headset manufacturer's specifications. Our experiences are optimized and adapted to the capacity of each device.

Check the requirements of each virtual reality device on the manufacturer's official website.

Do I need Internet for the IberPhys software to work?

No, the IberPhys experiences can be run without the need for an Internet connection. But if you want to record the sessions and manage the patients from the web interface, if you need an active Internet connection.

Can I have everything on a local network?

Yes, with the Premium license you can have everything under a local network or in the cloud. Consult our Technical Department for more information without obligation.

Can I personalize the IberPhys Software with my Brand?

Yes, the Premium License allows you to customize the web interface and reports with your logo and corporate colors.

What is the IberPhys Station?

IberPhys Station is a high-performance equipment that includes everything you need, PC, Monitor, VR Headsets... to offer easy management of therapies with the highest quality, easy to move between places or work rooms, and easy to clean and disinfect.

You can find more information on the following page: IberPhys Station

Can everything be adapted to my needs?

Yes, IberPhys offers you the possibility of adapting and customizing the platform to your needs. Consult our Technical Department for more information without obligation.

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